Proofing to Printing

by admin on January 9, 2011

Proofs are often of a lower quality than the final printed photo product. If you choose to actually provide printed proofs, you likely want to print them yourself, or find a local, inexpensive retail print shop. Check out reviews of the top five photo printers if you are interested in producing your own prints. A more inexpensive, and often better, option is to show the client’s actual photo proofs online, where they can view the photos, often on a beautiful screen (make sure to calibrate your monitor for best, most accurate viewing), rather than in a lesser quality print. This helps your clients focus on the photo itself, and not the quality of the product. Even if you explain the discrepancy in product quality, this doesn’t generally hit home.

Instead, at some point in your consultation or photo proofing process, show example photo prints and products in the same categories as the prints and products you will be offering the client; have a stock of high quality canvases, prints in various finishes, mounted prints, products, or whatever else you may offer, to show the clients what their prints can ultimately look like. Choose quality photos and use a quality print lab for your demo products, and watch your clients turn green with envy and place orders for their own photos!

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