Online Photo Proofing

by admin on June 9, 2010

Most photography businesses have made the switch from print photo proofs to an online proofing and ordering system. Photo proofing online is less expensive and allows people to view and share their images from any location. While online photo proofing and ordering is certainly the best choice for most photographers, there is a debate among photographers regarding which type of online photo proofing and ordering system is the best. Some professional photographers prefer to use a third party company to set up and maintain the photo proofing site, take orders from customers, and sometimes even fulfill the orders for the customer. Other photographers prefer to handle the entire process themselves, saving the money for a subscription or commission based service.

Third-party online photo proofing pros:

  • Services generally have built in marketing assistance to generate more sales
  • Save you time doing the part of the business you may not be as comfortable with
  • Some services integrate easily with your personal website or give you a website if you don’t already have one
  • Minimal technical knowledge needed
  • No website hosting or creation fees
  • No merchant services (credit card processing) account needed for some services
  • Someone else takes care of securely processing payments

Third-party online photo proofing cons:

  • Fees, especially commissions, can be high, eating into profits
  • May be limited control over look and feel of website
  • Some services don’t give you a choice in print lab

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