Photo Proofing websites for photographers with promo codes, discounts and packages – tips and flexibility for your photography business.

Websites like ShootProof allow for Promo Codes with each photo event gallery.

First off, you will create a custom code for a particular discount associated with a price sheet that you may use for one or multiple events.  The proofing website should have a setting that will allow the code to expire on a certain date and have the ability to define the number of times it can be used or allow unlimited uses.

Key Photography Gallery Discount and Promo Code Features:

  • Create custom code text, e.g. 25OFF or LOVECUST.
  • Set a limit to the number of time the code can be redeemed or make it unlimited.
  • Set an expiration date for the code or let it ride forever or until you disable it.
  • Free shipping, percentage off sale, or dollar credit promo codes per photographer definition.
  • Buy something, get something promo code redeemable discounts.
  • Photography packages redeemed or unlocked by promo codes.
  • Discount on a group(s) of items, e.g. canvases or digital downloads based on a promo code entry.
  • Cart based discounts where you can allow for discount tiers based on amount purchased.

All of the features can be used with or without promo codes to help with you sell photography online!

Also, find some great free photo proofing options where you can access these features.


Photo Proofing Site

by admin on March 19, 2011

After our review, the Best Photo Proofing Site goes to!  The website offers the ability to upload, share, and sell your photography online.  The proofing site was created for the professional photographer to be able to share photo proofs of their events (weddings, sporting events, newborns, family portraits, nature, boudoir, etc.) with their clients and allow for online favorites to create an album and provide a shopping cart for photos to be purchased.

ShootProof offers a proofing plan that is free of charge for up to 100 photos and all other plans start with 30 days free.  What we like best about this online proofing service is that they do not take a commission and there are no setup fees, just a simple monthly charge based on the number of photos hosted online at a given time.

Some of the key features of the photo proofing site are:

  • Upload photo proofs directly to an event or an album within an event.
  • Create events and optionally albums within each event, for instance if you shoot a wedding you may want to create albums within the event to organize the photos by the rehearsal dinner, bride and groom getting ready, ceremony, first dance, cutting the cake, the departure etc.
  • Clients see your studio logo and little to no ShootProof branding.
  • Custom watermark settings.
  • Settings by event for public galleries, public password protected galleries, and private password protected galleries where you would need to share a direct link to the event.
  • Your photographer homepage allows for custom settings and access to your public and public password protected events.
  • Clients can favorite photos and their favorites will be visible to you by email address in your studio control panel for the event.
  • Free shopping cart for your photography business associated with each event that you create (option to disable by event if you are just sharing) where you can link your paypal or account to receive payment automatically with each purchase, no holding of funds by ShootProof or percentage taken!  We love this and it seems to really differentiate ShootProof from other sites that we reviewed.
  • Link your ShootProof proofing galleries seamlessly to your website with no ShootProof branding or use your homepage on the site as your photography website.
  • The site also provides details on visitors to your galleries so you can see who has been to the event, what they favorited, put in their cart and did or did not purchase, and allows for google analytics to be linked for visitor stats.
  • Beautiful galleries to display your photos with multiple themes to choose from, all proofing galleries on the site allow for the pictures to be viewed in grid view, mosaic view, or scroll view which is much like a blog type of viewing, photo by photo.
  • You control your products, proofing, print labs, shipping cost, tax rate if any, and use the pick the printing house of your choice in self fulfillment.

Hopefully this has been beneficial, we believe you will be very happy with their service, try the ShootProof photo proofing site for 30 Days at no charge and use discount code PROOFING25OFF for 25% off your first two paid months!


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